Client Spotlight: Jump Right in, the Water's AMAZING!

Earlier this year, Robin Realty's long-time client was apprehensive about starting up her real estate investment again in the midst of a pandemic. Click to read on & discover why her investment business is BOOMING once again!

August 27, 2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, chaos and uncertainty were everywhere, and understandably so. As we all know, every aspect of daily life ground to a complete halt as the virus and subsequent quarantine across the world, disrupting everything in its path, and the real estate world was by no means immune.

However, as the months went by and the world slowly began to adapt to its new way of life, the real estate world gradually, carefully, came back to life, though it wasn't quite the same as it was pre-pandemic. Suddenly, there came a barrage of people looking to move elsewhere, either to be closer to family in these dark times, or due to losing a job, or any number of reasons--but the amount of people wanting to SELL their home didn't quite recover in the same way.

Enter the state of the current real estate world: a full-on, every-man-for-himself seller's market. The market has become so overwhelmed with buyers and not enough sellers to meet the demand, that it has now become the norm for a newly-listed home to have multiple offers (some of which are often submitted sight-unseen!) by the end of the first day! And you know what that means? Sellers are getting big, BIG returns on their homes--returns that they never would have even dreamed of getting from their home in the pre-virus days. And if you can believe it, the market remains as a booming home-seller's paradise to this day, and doesn't look to be slowing down.

This can all be a lot to swallow, and so to exemplify the benefits that this market provides our clients, today we bring you the story of our long-time client, Jillian, and her recent experience with the state of this new market, and how Robin Realty has adapted to it in order to serve our clients best.

After long time flip-it-and-sell-it real estate investor Jillian decided to take a several months-long hiatus from her business due to COVID-19, last month she decided to dip her toe back in the water by approaching Robin Realty to discuss whether or not it was time to start selling again. Jillian was a little unsure about how things would work now in the current “pandemic” real estate market, but Tiffani was able to immediately put her at ease by walking her through how she’s adapted Robin Realty’s marketing and transaction strategies to suit today’s lightning-fast seller’s market.

With her worries behind her, Jillian gave Tiffani the green light to list the investment property, and true to form, the team immediately got to work pushing the home on all major social media platforms and real estate websites, as well as navigating through the tons of showings and questions she received for the home from agents and buyers alike.

After everything was said and done, Jillian’s property only lasted 2 days on the market before amassing 4 offers and ultimately selling for $20k over list price.

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