How Do You Make Your Offer Stand Out in Today's Market?

Surplus of buyers+Low stock in available homes=The current real estate market, courtesy of the pandemic. What this means is that many homes now have MULTIPLE offers put in almost immediately after going on the market--so extra measures need to be taken to make YOUR offer stand out amongst the rest. Click to read, watch & learn how!

April 30, 2021

Today's pandemic world is chaotic, and to say that that chaos has extended into the real estate world would be an understatement. With more and more listings becoming the battlefield for multiple offer situations, it is PARAMOUNT that you and your agent have an arsenal of tactics and strategies to make YOUR offer stand out among the fray.

This installment of Tiffany Lord's weekly series "Buyer Briefs" goes into detail about some of the main tactics Robin Realty's agents use to get their offers ahead of the competition.

When you sign with Robin Realty, our foremost objective is to make sure that YOU are prepared, educated, and ready to rise to the occasion so that you can end up being the lucky homebuyer whose offer gets accepted!

Watch, learn, and if you have any more questions for Tiffany Lord, give her a call TODAY at #985​-640-1113!

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