Listing With Tiffani = Your Home SOLD BOOM SHAKALAKA

Sell Your Home GUARANTEED. No gimmicks. No tricks. You agree to the PRICE and DEADLINE. Tiffani get's it SOLD! Call 504-336-6999!

October 12, 2017

Listing with Tiffani Robin, means Your Home SOLD!


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When you are putting your house up for sale, would you want a RISKY SALE or would you want a GUARANTEED SALE?

“I think I’d go with um, Bob, I think I’d go with the GUARANTEED SALE!”

“Good answer! Then you are going to go with Tiffani Robin and The Robin Group of Keller Williams.”

“Now when you say Guaranteed, what do you mean?”

“Well, we’re talking about the fact that they GUARANTEE the sale or they will buy your home.”

“At a Price I’ve agreed to?”


“And A Deadline I’ve agreed to?”

“She will do that at the price and deadline you agree to. Tiffani will buy it if she doesn’t sell it. That’s how confident she is that she’s gonna get it done.” 

Don’t ask how Tiffani does it, just accept it. You can reach her at 504-339-6999.

Just like Blake, listed his Covington properties with Tiffani Robin. He saw how she created demand for the home, got it done, SOLD. 11 showings and it was done – FULL asking price!

“Boom Shakalaka”

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