Walton & Johnson – Blake Kissed His Home Goodbye When He Called Tiffani Robin

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September 20, 2017

Walton & Johnson – Blake Kissed His Home Goodbye When He Called Tiffani Robin


Got an email…We get them before, I usually just reply to them in the email, but we get so many “What’s the name of the Real Estate Lady that sells it because she’ll buy it if she doesn’t, so she guarantees”

“Tiffani Robin” Ya, Tiffani Robin that’s the one we always tell you about. That’s the Keller Williams agent. Ya The Robin Group of Keller Williams.

Their website is If you were just typing Tiffani Robin in there, I don’t know what you was getting, that’s because Tiffani will sell your house at the price and deadline you agree to or she’ll buy the darn thing, you know? 

Like Blake, he saw first hand how Tiffani Robin’s work is creating demand for homes.

In under 5 weeks, get this – 11 showings, she SOLD Blake’s home for FULL ASKING PRICE.

That’s power. Listed and gone. That’s right, kiss it goodbye when you contact Tiffani Robin at 504-339-6999. “What’s that number again?” 504-339-6999 or

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