Walton & Johnson – How Tiffani Robin Get’s It Done, 3 Offers Top Price SOLD The Home

Tiffani Robin, expert marketer will Sell Your Home For TOP DOLLAR...Get Multiple Offers On Your 504-339-6999

September 26, 2017

Walton & Johnson – How Tiffani Robin Get’s It Done…3 Offers, TOP PRICE, SOLD The Home


When you are selling houses, sometimes you got to be sweet and sometimes you got to be a bulldog. Well, our sweet little friend, Tiffani Robin, CAN “Ya, you wouldn’t think so looking at her but she can, she can work somebody. She can get on them if she needs to.” Tiffani Robin is with The Robin Group of Keller Williams.

You take Wanita for example, she was discouraged with her Chateau Lakefront Kenner home. Couldn’t sell it, tried different agents, she waited months. THEN she tried Tiffani Robin. “And Tiffani comes in and, let me guess…Get’s it done?” 3 Offers. SOLD the home. BOOM. Top Price! “WOW, That’s incredible”

See Tiffani Robin with The Robin Group of Keller Williams, they will GUARANTEE that they will sell your home, or they will buy it themselves!

That’s 504-339-6999, yes sir and online you go to, listen to this website That’s what you want ain’t it? “That’s Pride right there.”

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