Walton & Johnson On How The Biggest Decision Is WHO You Hire

When selling your home, the biggest decision is WHO you hire...Tiffani Robin GUARANTEES to Sell It or She'll BUY IT!

August 31, 2017

When you hire a realtor to sell your house do you want them to kinda take their time with it? Don’t get in any kind of big hurry for me or would you like to just go a head and sell it?

I think maybe right now the biggest decision you are going to make is who you hire…

Well, we are of course highly recommending Tiffani Robin with The Robin Group of Keller Williams.

Tiffani Robin – that’s the one that will BUY IT if they don’t sell it. That’s exactly right, and at the price and on the deadline that you agree to.  “That sound’s pretty sweet”. Tiffani will just step up with her checkbook and say “you’re out of this, go on”. You know what that means? They try REAL HARD to sell it.

Now you may say “Uh, can I get Tiffani?” Ya, of course! Now other people are using Tiffani because they are smart too, but if you need to get Tiffani Robin you can contact us. Always room for one more, we’ll skootch over a little.

Online at or 504-339-6999.

“Hello, Tiffani?”

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