Walton & Johnson – Tiffani’s Cutting Edge Marketing Produced 23 Showings, 3 Offers And Got It SOLD

Tiffani Robin's cutting edge marketing creates demand and produced 23 showings, 3 offers and SOLD THE HOUSE!

September 12, 2017


If you’re selling your house, well, or you’re hoping to sell it, it might not be selling UNLESS you pick the right Real Estate agent.

And the right one of course, is Tiffani Robin with The Robin Group of Keller Williams.

You know, eh, Tiffani is, now correct me if I’m wrong, that’s the one where you agree on a price, she goes out to get you the price and if she doesn’t get it she buys it from you.

Now that’s right – that’s a GUARANTEE from Tiffani Robin.

How sweet is that, huh?

A lady named Wanita was kind of discouraged that her Chateau Lakefront, Kenner home wasn’t selling with another agent. She didn’t choose Tiffani first.

That will happen if you don’t chose Tiffani Robin

After 6 months NOTHING, so she hired Tiffani Robin. Cutting edge marketing created demand – Tiffani’s marketing produced 23 showings, 3 offers, AND SHE SOLD THE HOME. It’s gone. BOOM.

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