What Does a Lower Interest Rate Mean for You? Let's Talk MONEY, Y'all!

👉👉Our rockstar agent⚡️🌟 Tiffany Lord talking today a little bit about what a lower interest rate🤑 really means for YOU!💁‍♀️👍

May 8, 2020

Our "Red-Headed Realtor" Tiffany Lord is coming at you today with a tidbit of information about the lower interest rates that are happening right now!

What could lower interest rates mean for you? We'll give you a hint: Lower interest rate=A LOT more house for A LOT less money!!

Watch below to find out more, and if you have any more questions, or are ready to go find that a-lot-more-house for a-lot-less-money home, GIVE US A RING AT #504-509-4771 TODAY!

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