6 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

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September 14, 2017

6 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall

Now that the fall is here, and we are starting to get a little bit cooler weather I wanted to share 6 tips to selling your home in the fall.

1) Get Automatic lighting – since we will start to see it get darker sooner, we recommend automatic lighting that way house is lit when buyer’s arrive. Ex. Auto flood lights, garden lights

2) During dusk showings, have blinds open to let in more light. And be sure that there are no burnt out light bulbs in the home. We recommend LED lights because they are so bright, or white light.

3) Make sure your furnace is clean and working properly. If you didn’t know, your furnace is your heater. Be sure to have your a/c and heater serviced annually to make sure everything is working properly. We have a vendor we highly recommend that will service you’re a/c and furnace 2x a year. Give us a call for their contact info.

4) Indulge Fall with décor, but don’t over do it. Bring in warmth with plush throws/pillows. Staging is EVERYTHING! This includes your outdoor spaces, especially with our limited window of cool weather dress up your porches and patios so buyers can envision themselves using the outdoor space. Keep those outdoor areas clean and make them inviting with cozy chairs, autumn flower arrangements to dress up the outdoor of your home.

5) Curb appeal still matters…. If you have a lot of leaves falling, be sure to rake them up periodically. Clean up your flowerbeds (add color if your spring flowers have died), pull the weeds, trim your bushes, add mulch if needed, and aerate the lawn.

If listing in the fall during a holiday – say Halloween, be sure your house doesn’t have the professional photography done with your Halloween décor. You don’t want anything in the picture that will link the pictures to a certain time of the year. For instance, if you have the photography done with your Halloween décor up and the home is still on the market in December, buyers are going to immediately know your home has been on the market for 2 months and hasn’t sold.

Another great tip about holiday décor – whenever you bring something into the space, you should remove something else. This is really more of a winter décor tip, but I’ll use this example: If you bring in a Christmas tree for instance and you move a chair to place that tree, do not just stick the chair in another room creating clutter or giving the appearance of “not enough space”. Really consider putting the chair in the attic or storage for the time being. You never want to bring more things in that take up space and make the home seem smaller than it is, you always want to highlight the homes best features and make it seem as large visually as possible.

6) Price it Right there are plenty of buyers in this market. The buyers in todays’ market are very motivated right now. The buyers looking right now are looking because they have to buy a home for one reason or another. Be sure to capitalize and capture those buyers by having your home priced right when it first hit’s the market.

If you want more advice about staging your house, or how to sell your house in the fall season, give us a call at 985-778-2525 today.

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