Summer Fun for the Fam That Can Help Boost Your Home’s Appeal!

Did you know that staging your home doesn't have to be all work and no play? Click to read about how setting up some fun family activities in your home or backyard can help boost your home's appeal!

July 2, 2021

👋👋Summer has begun🤸♀️and so has the Deep Southern heat!🥵☀️

While you may not want to be outside all the time🥵under the blazing sun, there are tons of activities that are perfect for family fun during those warm, breezy late afternoons and evenings.

In this episode of Tiffs Tidbits, Robin Realty's CEO/Listing Specialist Tiffani Robin shares a few ideas🤓for some fun family activities (whether it’s just you and your partner/friends, or you and your kiddos!) that can also potentially be great staging opportunities😉 to make your home all the more inviting to any potential homebuyers!

For instance, what could be cooler😍than your own DIY backyard movie🎥theaters?! If potential buyers see evidence of you and your family enjoying themselves in the home, it can make all the difference in helping the buyer envision themselves and their family feeling truly at home in the house.

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