What Is Title Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

What is Title Insurance and is it required when I purchase a home? Andrew Mendheim at 110 Title explains the two types of Title Insurance available and why a buyer may want it, and why most lenders require it.

May 18, 2017

Andrew Mendheim with 110 Title explains what exactly is Title and Title Insurance.

There are two types of Title Insurance policies:

  • Borrowers or Owners
  • Lenders

Lenders require title insurance from attorney’s that tells them that the mortgage they are about to take over as collateral is in the first position. And that they are the secured creditor.

For Borrowers or Owners, Title Insurance is insures to them that they are in fact acquiring all the rights that they bargained for. So that when you buy a piece of property you want to know that you can use it, you want to know that your going to be the one in possession, and that no one else has any rights out there against it.

That is a basic description of what Title Insurance is for. In Louisiana title opinions have to be rendered by attorneys so if you are are interested learning more about the benefits of Title Insurance call us today at 985-778-2525 so we can connect you with 110 Title.

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